Design Lamp Verpan

Hi guys! Soon we have lived here for 4 months and without any lamps in our ceiling! Meeh…. It is the kind of thing that just takes time due to –first finding the right lamps, order them, wait for them to arrive, then once you have all the lamps one needs to find an handyman to hang them up. So we are in the middle of the described process, we have found almost all our lamps except one (we want a crystal crown for our dining room and each time we pass the vintage shop where we have seen one, it is closed!) but the rest is easy peasy, we have a handy-guy close by so soon I hope we get there.

In anycase, I have ordered one of my dream lamps The Verpan Globe Pendel from Verner Panton. I have sneak-peaked on this lamp for ages but always decided it was too expensive. But life might be short and a lamp is something I will see each day so I made a decision and ordered it. I ordered the largest one, called ö50… Yey! And it was just like I imagined it to be; it arrived in a huge box with foam and paper with a certificate and a latter and the best of all; a pair of white gloves in a soft fabric to use when one lifts it up. Hi hi… i find that a bit funny but well thought through. So soon I hope I can show you the lamp hanging, but for now you need to bare with me holding it up 🙂

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Oh lord, first troubles with my blog and then my text never came up. Sorry guys for the empty text block. Now it seems to work again, I guess celebrating the one month of the blog too much made it back fire 😉
But anyhow, what I wanted to tell you is that I am so tired of this winter weather that I decided to wear a yellow jacket this morning to lighten up a bit! And on top of that, make a C-vitamin boost juice! Since we came back from Thailand in December my skin is constantly peeling of and it seems to not help no matter how much bodylotion I use. Whatever,… This week is a bit hectic due to work, travel and projects and my friend turning 30 on Saturday! (ahh…. Needless to say, I desperately need to find a gift!!) So now, drink juice, work and focus and then look for birthday gift or at least pen down a couple of ideas. And finally, pyjamas on and sofa chill with my favourite person.
I wanted to tall you something about my juice, and the Vitamin C and to the point of dry skin; vitamin-C is the best help for dry skin. Here is 5 amazing vitamin C effects for skin.
  1. It is a very powerful vitamin that improves your body’s defence mechanism. Enough vitamin C will help your skin defend from external influences as well as from dryness. Vitamin C is a miracle worker when it comes to relieving the dry skin. It can also help reduce any existing inflammation of the skin.
  2. Vitamin C is mostly known as the perfect rejuvenation substance for your skin. Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen, the substance responsible for healthy skin. As you age your collagen production reduces and your skin loses its natural tone and elasticity. Ingesting a lot of vitamin C(drinking juice!!!) can greatly slow down the process of aging. Yey!
  3. Vitamin C has influence when it comes to protecting your skin from the dangerous UV rays, as it increases your skin’s natural defence. It can also help and speed up the healing process if you already got sunburns. But dont forget teh sunscreen anyhow!
  4. The benefits of vitamin C for your skin have been discovered long ago, thanks to, believe it or not, sailors. Yes, those same sailors lacked vitamin C on their ships and started noticing how their joints hurt more and how they were more prone to skin ulcers and bruising. The main reason for this is the aforementioned production of collagen which vitamin C boosts. Collagen not only makes your skin look young and shiny, it is a very important protein that builds your cells and blood vessels. It also builds your ligaments and helps create scar tissue, which means that your skin will heal faster after an injury.
  5. Vitamin C is a very powerful anti – oxidant that protects your whole body from damaging free radicals and oxidation. Vitamin C slows down the oxidation process, neutralises free radicals, and can also reverse DNA damage. It means that it helps your whole body stay younger and in better shape and it gives your skin protection and shine.
Voila! Here is my Juice recipe. Have a great day !!
  • 5 organes
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 slice of ginger
  • 2dl water
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Tonights snaps

Good evening, I thought I share some of tonights snaps. I am alone home and heated up the carrot soup I made last night, a glass of wine and Spotify's "peaceful piano" playlist on. Ahhhh....... and also I listened to the lastest Episode of the Swedish podcast Framgangspodden with one of my all time favourite artists Petter. Listening to him makes me hopeful as I recognise myself so much in everything he says from his childhood until today. In school when he had too much energy, couldn't sit still, getting bored, feeling lonely, striving, never giving up, setting goals for himself etc etc.... I felt like "nice, there is others like me". That is sometimes good to know. Now, I am going to eat and then watch another episode of the Crown. Enjoy your evening out there!

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Hi friends!
Oh I have some good news! Today I have officially been blogging for one month! I started my blog the day before Christmas when I launched my first ever post.  Funny enough this day had the most traffic of all my days so far. You can find it here. Since then I have of course been through doubts and wonders if I shall continue, or if I do it right or if I shall have a specific topic etc…. You know, everyone tries to come with great advice but in the end, I guess a personal blog as I have should just reflect yourself and what you are up to. I will be personal with you although yet I keep my private life private as integrity is important to me. I will probably never be a blogger who shares an untidy morning face, a bikini body or pictures of my family, as I hardly do that to my closest anyhow. Again, my blog is a reflection of myself. I hope it will inspire you and I hope you bare with me as I am learning about this new world too.
I wish I knew more about you readers, but all I know for now is that after 30 days of blogging I have had almost 800 views, written 39 posts and 327 visitors to be exact. To be very honest with you I am not too familiar with all these statistics and its meaning but easily explained; I have around 30 visitors on my blog every day. I have gained 400 followers on Instagram and overall I guess you guys seem to like what I do as these numbers continues to raise. Thank you very much for following me and I hope that the coming months will bring more comments and likes so I can get to know you.
Have a great great day,
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Hi guys,

Funny thing; I found some old photos Not funny thing; my phone is broken! Mehhh…..and tomorrow I am traveling. However, I went over to the Swisscom shop where a very nice guy told me I am just inside the guarantee time (phew!) and that I most probably get a new phone as the microphone is broken. But in any case he told me to make a backup and come back with the phone afterwards, meaning next week. I normally don’t look in my camera roll that often, but today I did and found some nice old photos when I plugged it in to my laptop. I made a little gallery of the best memories. As you can see there is a lot of horses in my phone 🙂 hi hi!

Quotes, me with curly hair, me at polo games in London and Switzerland and what else... yes at home in Sweden. <3

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