Juice Detox Day

Hi! Last day for me in Stockholm and I cannot wait to get home and make some detoxing juice after all christmas food, alcohol and sugar! I already know which juice I will make and thought I give you a hint here; a lemon ginger juice. It's really bitter but gives you a good cleanse and makes your skin glow again. At least mine!

For this juice I use: 2 lemons, 2 oranges, thin slices of ginger 0.5 liter water.

I am heading into the city to walk the streets of Stockholm and maybe do some shopping before boarding to Zurich later on. Hugs!

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Thoughts of Christmas

I just wanted to share some thoughts of Christmas as it was always a bit strange to me.
I love Christmas and the holidays but what i like less is that it's almost forced upon us; and when we are young we need to adapt to our surroundings and their plans, especially me who's the youngest in our family. You just need to go where the others decide and do as the others decide.
I like it, although it crossed my mind last week, when seeing our neighbors packing their car with skis and bags, that my dream-christmas is when I have my own family and can bring all of them with me to the mountains. Ski all day and have a cozy dinner in the evening, play games and watch movies. Somehow our Christmas has always been rather stressful yet restless as we never did anything else than eventually going for a walk during the day and eating most of the time. Don't get me wrong, my Christmases were most of the times nice but I love to be outdoor and activate myself, and that is something we never did. Now, that's a goal to put down in the life plan; Christmas in the mountains with my own family. Imagine to pack you car with all the skis, food and warm clothes. Drive up on the snowy roads while singing loud to the Christmas songs. It probably sounds cheesy but it's really something I would love to do. We all have different wishes and I love to hear about your sparkly holiday dreams!

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Good morning 

Good morning, I hope you slept well and had a wonderful Christmas Eve last night. Here the light is shining in and I think it will be a lovely and sunny winter day! We certainly did have a lovely eve, but this year was different as one of my step sisters and her family including 4 kids decided to move to Thailand for a couple of months. So I totally missed them all last night, especially the 5 year old twins. I almost enjoy to give more than recieve gifts, and the highlight of the night was my gift to my mother, a too early 60-year-birthday gift as it's a longer trip abroad that needs to be planned in advanced before her birthday. She was very very happy 🙂

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Time to change for the evening... I love to dress up for Christmas eve. We are just about to sit down and have Swedish Glögg (a drink) and watch the every year TV program from Disney with kids, however, I think I enjoy it even more than they do. Merry Christmas <3

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas my darlings! I thought I share one of my favourite Christmas commercials this year. I just adore this video <3 I wish you all an absolutely lovely day.

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