I've spent last weekend in Sweden and I always get inspired by the styles and mentality. And what I actually enjoyed the most was our late night walk in the bright summer night, through the harbour, after a long night of festivities. It felt like a midsummer night when the sun never sets, with its magic golden light over the sea at midnight. Stunning views.


So this Monday my fashion picks are rather simple but elegant, like Swedes are. I like it relaxed, but sexy. The golden lights over the sea on Saturday night inspired me to wanting the same colour of my outfit. On hot days like today I love to wear airy, wide pants that swings around your legs when walking. For a casual look I’d wear a t-shirt and a scarf, combined with high heels to not get too comfy. I would use a light handbag and pack a pair of fine earrings in case someone invites me for a drink.

Hope you’re having a lovely day,

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Good morning! I wish I felt as fresh as I look like 😉 jokes aside, I have this annoying little flu that makes me dizzy but I’m going to try to make it to my office and sit down to drink tea all day. I guess that might even be more relaxing than staying home (when I get the feeling to grab my “todo list” and just get going). I cancelled my appointment at the lash bar, I was going to fill in my microblading, and the last thing I want is to make the ladies in the saloon sick.
Sofia cm interior design blog Zurich Switzerland
Sofia cm interior design blog Zurich Switzerland

Here in Zurich it’s incredible hot and humid today, and somehow I always find it tricky to dress proper in these weathers. Therefore I picked out my very airy pants and a top to that, everything else would feel sticky on the skin. It’s the kind of weather you’ll get sweaty by just walking down the stairs. My pants are from Zara, a very old pair and the top from Massimo Dutti, the perfect white top. I hope I get better today as I have an event with Isabella Löwengrip tomorrow and planning to attend the opening of Art Basel on Thursday. Hugs!

Sofia cm interior design blog Zurich Switzerland
Sofia cm interior design blog Zurich Switzerland
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Good morning darlings! We are shortly on our way to the airport. We are flying to Sweden and Gothenburg to see my family and celebrate my mom's birthday, yey! My mom is actually throwing an ABBA theme party so we have the suitcases full of sparkling crazy outfits. Stay tuned on my instastories and you might see a snap from our outfits 😉 Have a lovely Friday, now it's time to go to the bakery to get some breakfast before we leave (I don't like airplane food...) Hugs!

Sofia cm interior design blog Zurich Switzerland

This is my mom when she was my change! <3

Sofia cm interior design blog Zurich Switzerland

Going to wear my sparkling shoes tomorrow at her party! 

Sofia cm interior design blog Zurich Switzerland
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Hi there, here I am sitting and figuring out Amazon's sales program, meaning to sell things on Amazon. Something that seems so simple is in fact pretty tricky! Someone who tried, or having it? Bah, I've been so ill today, after lunch I packed my laptop and went home. I was knocked out and slept for 4 hours and I must admit I feel rather reduced. It's so difficult for me to rest, and especially after sleeping away so many important hours, it makes me feel guilty towards myself.

I went for a short walk to try the new wireless earphones I received from Sudio Stockholm. No thanks, I wouldn't buy them; the sound is terrible. Tomorrow we fly to Sweden and to my family, I'm looking forward to see them all and spend the weekend celebrating my mothers birthday! Time to sip the rest of my sleep tea and then, in fact go to sleep again, I hope to wake up fresh tomorrow. Hugs <3

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Hi darlings, as I made no "my favourite fashion pics" on Monday I decided to make a a good mix of interior and fashion today. So here we go, right now I love the following goodies.

The long Adria maxidress from Reiss, I just bought it for myself to wear at a Swedish wedding in July. The slippers match perfectly with the dress (and can be a great backup for the high heels!). To create a different look, I could see myself wearing the woollen blazer from Balmain on top and it would also go well with a par of white jeans and the slippers. I have a constant crush on The april store ever since I first saw it and I’m still longing for the poef or puff (or whetever it's called) and these pure light bulbs.


♡ Slippers from NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD, Casati Mule suede slip-on sandals  

♡ Blazer from Balmain, DOUBLE-BREASTED WOOL BLAZER, in colour Sand (although this looks more blush pink to me)

♡ Poef from The April Store, THE APRIL FIRST POEF COLLECTION in colour Ballerina Rose

♡ Bag from CHLOÉ, Hudson Small leather shoulder bag in colour black

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