Time to change for the evening... I love to dress up for Christmas eve. We are just about to sit down and have Swedish Glögg (a drink) and watch the every year TV program from Disney with kids, however, I think I enjoy it even more than they do. Merry Christmas <3

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas my darlings! I thought I share one of my favourite Christmas commercials this year. I just adore this video <3 I wish you all an absolutely lovely day.

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Christmas morning 

I just wanted to wish you a warm and merry Christmas. We have just woken up here, in a dark and cozy Sweden. Breakfast is waiting downstairs and I can already hear my smaller nieces  excitement. Hugs to you on this special day.

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Stockholm next
Finally Christmas, it took so long for it to arrive and I know it will be so suddenly over! Do you have a christmas feeling?
I am off to Sweden and Stockholm to celebrate with my family. I cannot wait to see everyone! My mom told me to bring warm clothes as it seems cold in Stockholm. Hat on and of we go!
I wish you all a very beautiful Friday night and hope you are celebrating with your beloved ones.
travel plans
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New Blog

Hi friends,

It took a while to launch the new blog, to configure it all and also to learn all the tweak about Wordpress. I launched my first blog ever 10 years ago also that time via Wordpress. Although it has changes a lot and offers many new features, some parts I still recognise. To my help I have had IT super start, Thomas from Zurich to help me tweak it all (Thank you, if you read this!) and wonderful Jennifer for all my beautiful images. I look forward to run this blog as a part of my life and share lots of interior, daily life and career. If you have any comments or thoughts you are more than welcome to PM in Contact.

Have a lovely day!

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