Sundays are made for breakfast in bed, coffee and cookies; at least for us. I think we are truly a pair of “bonvivants”. Simply translated “enjoying life” or “livsnjutare” in Swedish. I take every opportunity to enjoy, and it is SO important! I recently listened to the Swedish podcast Famgangspodden (love this podcast) with the famous “Bonvivant” Olof Röhlander who just released his book “the art of enjoying”. He thought me something so simple but great...
He mentioned three simple things or sounds that can make one enjoy life a bit more, or at least practice to enjoy life a bit more. He tells you to firstly say out loud:
  1. "mmmmm" when you eat something (hopefully good).
  2. "Ahhhh" when you sit down somewhere comfortable
  3. “Life if wonderful” or similar everyday, or as often you want.
I say “mmmm” as I will now have a coffee and enjoy these delicious home made cookies <3
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Good morning! I woke up really early for being a Saturday, already at 7.30 I went up to make a coffee. I wanted to go for a run, but looking out the window I see an icy street so I guess I just stay inside. But the good thing is that I think we will have enough fresh air today as we (Yipii!) are going sledging today, leaving very soon! Not like normal sledging, we are actually going to a place where we can rent one and go on a road for almost an hour. Woo…! Snow, activity and then hot chocolate, what can be better this Saturday! and tonight we invited friends to come over for Cheese Fondue. Feels like a very Swiss day in Switzerland 😉 What are you doing today? Hugs

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Back home again after Frankfurt, and it is still so cold in Zurich! Woah! This week passed so fast that I hardly had time to blink, but Friday again and that is my favourite day of the week; when we come together in the evening, turning on some music, having a glass of wine and some delicious food and summing up the week. Friday is our day and seldom a day when I plan anything with friends. What are you doing today?

So what to wear in Zurich on a winter day? Well, at least I am wearing a silk-top  jeans and a pair of boots from Cole Haan (loving this brand). A a very warm jacket and furry collar on top. I wish you a relaxing and cozy Friday!

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Good morning from Frankfurt! I am right now sitting in the gym 🙂 I'm staying in a beautiful hotel on the 24th flirt with a panoramic view over Frankfurt! Very convinient way to "see the city" as I dong have much time to actually walk the streets here, but at least I see them from above and caught the sunrise in the gym 🙂 
Now I got to tell you, have you seen The Socialite Family blog? My new favorite! 
Ahhh… it’s so good and so great pictures! I think this is one of the most “inspiring interior blogs” and truly one of the “best interior blogs” I’ve ever seen. I simply love the “French interior” style, or the posts with the homes filled of “Italian design”. 

It is basically a blog started by a woman, Constance Gennari who is featuring other families and their homes. She is interviewing families in Europe (mostly Paris and Milan it seems).. And it is one blog post featuring the families homes, how they live and how they decorate. It is so unique and I adore to see how they all live and all of the families have their own styles ad fashion within their homes. I just love the mix of contemporary art and old antique furniture and the feeling I get when I read the articles. Go and have a look at

Go and have a look at

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Hi! When you probably read this I am on my way to Frankfurt! What a start! All my trains cancelled to go to Zurich HB so I managed to call an Uber (praise the people who founded this amazing thing!) and luckily there was one man awake and came to pick me up! Yes! I'm soon about to depart to Frankfurt, and hopefully arrive before lunchtime. I will only stay one night so light packing, a pair of high heels for dinner, a top to change with and makeup.

So what am I doing in Frankfurt?

I am visiting a textile fair called Heimtextil. I never been to Frankfurt before and I look froward to see the town. All recommendations are warmly welcome! I think we stay more or less in the center at Frankfurt Eurotheum, a skyscraper close to the fair. And last night I saw that their hotel has really strange bathrooms with a jacuzzi in the middle of the room, probably great if you go with your partner but less cool in my case. I emailed the hotel and told them I want a normal bathroom with a shower. hehe, let's see how that turns out.

Have a great day, and I hope to be able to update you later.

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