Hi guys, I got back from a very special girls-weekend in Lugano. I spent 24 hours with Alisa, one of my best friends in one of our favourite towns; Lugano in the Italian part of Switzerland. We basically ate and drank and talked and stayed in the sun. But now to something much more important and something worth mentioning….something I also spoke about with Alisa, about performing and rewinding. The art of relaxing, something which is very difficult and why these get aways are crucial for me.


My life feel sometimes like this; Up down, right, left, back forth….and then all over again. Sometimes it is hard, very hard for me to rewind and relax or in fact most of the times. Ever since I was small I felt like I had some kind of super energy that lives inside me. At this age I know what it is called, or what people likes to box it like, mostly AHAD. Some might named it illness, but I prefer get any diagnose and simply use my super powers wisely. I’m not ill, I’m just different and I take it to my advantage. But the difference between others or for example my partner is that I need to do thing differently. For example before sleeping; I need to follow some rules to make my brain understand that bedtime is coming up otherwise it will take hours for me to fall asleep.


I guess it might be difficult to undertand what I mean, but here is a few sentences that explains how my life and thoughts are. Reference here. 


It is essential for me to have a cozy environment at home at night, by turning down the lights, listen to calm music (if music at all), light a candle and do “evening rituals” like brushing my teeth before 22.00. (I try to be in bed latest 22.30). Things that make me not be able to sleep is talking about too much business, eating too late, drinking alcohol or listen to loud music or action movies. These latter things I simply need to avoid. Sometimes, it can be difficult when you share your life with someone, and yes, of course I make exceptions but most of the times I go to another room when we have different wants. This might seem selfish, but luckily I live with someone who understands.

Hello hello, I hope you are having a relaxing Sunday. I was just outside carrying out my olive tree. I got the lovely tree as a birthday present last year from my parents. It has been inside in our staircase during the winter but it seems to not have liked it very much as it’s all dry. Anyone who know’s what to do with it more than watering it?

So what else this morning? Well, I cried when hurting my finger this morning, I managed to squeeze it between the shelves (I know really stupid..) but that was not the worst thing; I was surprised when opening my Instagram when an older, bitter Norwegian woman had directed a comment to me on her own Instagram feed telling me that I should not like her followers pictures and that I’m unprofessional and spam like doing so. First thing, her followers are my followers and I love to comment and engage with my followers, secondly, I have found great accounts via her instagram with lots of inspiration. ..... I think this woman is triggered by jealousy or own complexes. So, "kill it with kindness", in reply to her negativity I tagged her in my picture with the text of “ I hope only good energies are reaching you today. Recharge and rest and be kind to your surrounding.”. Jealousy and negativity is something that I’m truly allergic too and getting individuals who’s targeting you with comments like these should not be allowed to even have Instagram accounts. It makes me upset and sad. I can’t believe some individual still spreading hate on the internet or over social media, it feels so last year.

So, what did I do to get in a good mood again? I had breakfast with lots of Nutella on my bread and I baked; one rhubarb pie and a Swedish sugar cake with carrots, put in the freezer and take out on Sunday’s like these. Enjoy your day and spread love, not hate.

Surrond yourself with good energies and people and things that makes you happy. Get rid of all haters, shake them of.

However, Hugs to all of you lovely people who spread love here and everywhere., /Sofia 


Good evening guys, checking in here on the blog between making of a fish gratin (with Norwegian salmon) and watching old music videos with my partner (we got hooked on old german songs!) and I've missed you over the weekend! I was in Oslo celebrating my best friends 30th birthday party, a big birthday bash with 400 pink ballons and an installed bar in the living room decorated with pink plastic flamingos. To turn thirty years old is special and somehow a real step into the "adult world".

Thirty comes with expectations on many level, luckily I do not really care so much about these things but I felt it strongly among the girls crowd yesterday. Some break up with their high school sweet hearts after 10 years (good for them!) and thinking they will never find a boyfriend again, some have families or pregnant and some are full blown career women thinking about nothing else than climbing the corporate ladder. It is an age where everyone is extremely far apart from each other or incredibly close on the same tracks with life and family. I witnessed all these mentioned scenarios yesterday and I find it interesting that we, the ones turning thirty loves to categories and put each other into boxes. I find myself pretty non-categorised, but I still have six months left to enjoy my 29th year to the fullest. I wish you a lovely Sunday evening!

Good morning beloved readers,
How are you today? I have spent my morning thinking of the framework for my blog and how I blog. These are probably things one shouldn’t reveal or that some bloggers would keep as a secret but the fact is that there is enormous amount of work behind my blog, and most probably any other blog too and communicating that is important. Today I think the younger generation ranging from 15-30 years old (counting myself in, I am 29) have a better understanding for social media and the effort behind good accounts, than ten years ago. Being professional on social media is certainly not just “a walk in the park”. Uploading a selfie is no longer an option if one wants to build a personal brand because you, being my readers, demand more from me in order for you to come back to my blog a second time. I was firstly unsure if I should reveal “my secrets” but having listened to every episode of Influencers of Sweden where these secrets are openly discussed, I thought it is time to mention it as I so much like to hear it myself. Here we go.

Knowing the following elements in blogging are crucial for having a successful blog and happy readers.

Having your “blog pillars” making it your personal blog framework; what I mean is really knowing what your blog stands for and that can be one thing or many things. The pillars reflect what you build your blog on, like pillars to build the base of a house. For example some blogs are pure fitness blogs or fashion blogs. Some combine fitness, food and fashion making it more towards a lifestyle blog. My three topics should be interior, entrepreneurship and fashion / beauty. The reason I say "should be" is due to the fact that this has been pretty vivid lately where I've been falling out of my framework. This is why I have taken the time to reflect on it this morning.
Planning your feed; every successful blogger is somewhat planning their blogposts and Instagram pictures (“the feed”) today. The feed is based on the framework mentioned above. This means that for the blog; editing my photos and preparing the blogposts so the pictures looks good next to each other and knowing which topic to write about. For Instagram it means editing the photos in my theme; I have started to use a filter on all my pictures for the feed to look more harmonised. This makes the my followers to recognise my images and my account style. I look for inspiring interior images to fill my feed with, these are purely inspirational images that I like but won't use on my blog. I use an app to plan my feed, where I can see how the pictures look next to each other before I post it live. This is certainly no secret and after listening to interviews with other bloggers this is a common standard in our industry.
Do it for yourself and not for your readers nor brands: I could write pages on this topic and what I mean is simply make your post personal that reflects yourself, what you like and things that you stand for. I am so tired of seeing the same posts popping up in different blogs across Europe, mainly Switzerland where brands sponsor posts and all the bloggers write a product review from a manuscript that the brand wanted. Or simply just a product review because the blogger got free products. Two rules; 1. Go back to your framework and figure out what your blog stands for and stick to that, for example a company selling juice won't sell alcohol the next day ; it would confuse the clients 2. Never accept free products as this destroys our industry, always invoice the company. Why work for free when you have the opportunity to have blogging as a job?

So as I have fallen out of my own framework for a while now, it is time to get back on track. You will probably not notice any difference but for me having a plan is important. Especially when having a million other things on my agenda, a clear structure is necessary. I wish you all a lovely day and feel free to share your comments and tips. Hugs!


Hi guys, I hope you have had a lovely weekend! Did you do anything fun? I've been hanging out with my lovely girlfriends all weekend long. Today I went for birthday brunch with my Swedish girlfriends. I had the most amazing waffles, a crisp Swedish waffle, just as it should be (Fras våffla!)... When I'm in Stockholm on Thursday I'll buy a waffle iron and bring back home! Right now I just feel I want to shout out a loud over the lake a thank you to all my lovely girlfriends for being just that; my friends. I'm feeling so lucky to have them in Zurich, something that one cannot take for granted when my current hometown Zurich is not the town, nor the country I grew up in. To the point of having amazing friends, C rang the doorbell earlier today, asking if she can come in as she were just passing by. This is exactly the way I want to live, spontaneous and with a door that is always open for the ones we care for.

Waffle <3 

Spring outfit