Good morning, or not good morning, it is a snow storm outside. I woke up thinking it was a joke; in my whole history in Switzerland I never had a snow storm in mid-april, that’s a Norwegian thing. So after a hectic morning pulling out winter jackets and gloves, we are now on track again. Earning money on the blog is something I should touch base on, I find it important to highlight.

I don’t earn any money on my blog (yet). I have no ads, and doing no partnerships so far for two reasons; the effort needed and the reward i.e money earned from collaborations. My blog is the place where I can be creative and let my own thoughts and inspiration flow. Doing collaborations is something that takes a lot of time and effort and if I would open “that door”, I would need to close another. The clear reason why I don’t do any collaborations is basically the trade-off; and the equation work = salary is not a profitable today. I would never do anything half-way, a partnership for me would always be professional with a clear understanding of what the client would get, what it costs and how the success is measured. It sounds to me like a real job, and I guess it really is as there are many full time bloggers today.
Picture perfect sofiacm

Making a professional blog post; or a collaboration takes at least 4 hours of pure work putting the material together (picture, video and text). Then adding to that the planning before, the thinking process and coming up with an idea of how to do it, plus photography or video depending on if you do it yourself or having a professional working with you. Lastly, putting together a report and sending to the client. It ads up to a day of work for one collaboration.

So what does companies pay for this? Very little in my opinion still, and it’s not because of the companies, its because of us; the bloggers. I’m not bragging, but I do get lots of enquires to making collaborations with companies. They can be attractive from the perspective of getting free clothes or free services but that is not of interest for me. The most recent offer came from a Swiss online market platform, an online shop with multiple brands and products. They wanted me to select fashion products and write for their blog as well as promoting the post on my own social channels. The “salary” for my work was CHF 200 ( SEK 1790…) and maybe to keep some of the products.

I’m very thankful for companies that are contacting me, but I must say no to help our industry. If I would say yes to such collaboration I would not only underprice myself, I would also underprice all my colleagues who are bloggers. Companies are getting used to cheap ways of marketing and the bloggers would never be able to be a blogger full-time. I think we need to teach our industry, and by saying no to underpriced blog collaborations is one step in the right direction. Have a great day guys,

This easter break was the best vacation in a long time. We really managed to relax and sleep in each morning including today, left the bed at 12.30….(that doesn’t happen often!). I have managed absolutely nothing on my “to-do list” and exchanged work and cleaning out my closet to instead watching two movies and making lasagne as you can see below. But it doesn't matter, I have a whole week to catch up on work. How was your easter break?

Gruyere cheese is my favourite 


The last hello of the work week! I have that sparkling Friday feeling inside me and I feel happy with my workweek. I managed to do everything on my todo list and even a little bit more. Sometimes I find it difficult to be creative when you’re taken over by the “todo list”, that sometimes feels endless. The routine I have right now splits the day in 3 “work-shift”.  My first work-shift is 1 hour in the morning only for blogging and emails, in that order. My second work-shift goes until lunch where I do creative work and mainly thinking and visualising (if I get the time)… Here I need a lot of energy and work with a fresh mind. My last and third work-shift is after lunch, and also the longest one. Here I dedicate my time (5-6 hours) to my “to-do list” as these are tasks that mostly needs to be “done and executed” and requires less of my creative side of the brain; the admin and coordination of tasks. I think it is important to recognise and know your levels of energy through out the day and match that with the tasks you need to get done.

Friday Feeling
Now, I’m just about to go home after a very productive Friday and change to something more casual, sneakers and jeans and go down to meet our friends at the lake. Tonight we are having the first BBQ of the year down at the lake. I love these evenings with the guys firing up the bbq and the girts drinking wine :)

Hi from Arlanda, I am sitting here lap-topping with a lot of random people at a round table. All are men in their 45+ and they have all black clothes and look very tired. And in the middle me, blogging, eating candy and listening to Beyonce (hehe...). I'm feeling colourful! ;-) Hope you had a great day, I certainly did!

Who run the world? Girls :) 


Hi super-humans, very early good morning from me! I am sitting in my Uber on the way to Zurich Airport. I’m heading to Stockholm for the day (back tonight…). I love Stockholm for it’s vibrant atmosphere, it’s a fantastic city with beautiful humans, an entrepreneurial scene like no other place and best of all; the restaurants cafes and interior stores! Yep, it’s my number one favourite capital city. I think of Stockholm like a smaller version of NewYork. So what makes Stockholm so great? Let me share my "mini guide to Stockholm". This guide is nothing new and trendy, but these are the classic places I visit and tell friends to go to and it hasn’t changed since the last 10 years.

Best hangouts in Stockholm: Östermalm, I love it here and I try to schedule most of my meetings in this area as I find it convenient, fashionable, clean and safe. It’s also a nice area for  shopping, walking and eating. If you want to have a beautiful walk, go to: Djurgården (nature, horses, cafes, museums and royal houses and properties).
Best stay in Stockholm; I am a sucker for hotels, I like it cozy and a good mix of good service yet keeping my privacy. I adore Hotel Diplomat for their service and the fact that they leave you alone. The breakfast is to die for so make sure you have enough time to enjoy it! Don't miss out of the afterwork drinks in the cocktail bar and dress up, it’s fancy pancy with lots of cool business people. A little less expensive alternative is Nobis hotel where I stayed once, and i know they have built a sister hotel called Miss Clara. Ah to mention, I stayed at Grand Hotel Stockholm but I find it to snobbish and location wise a bit off, for those who wonder, but for eating and spa its great!
travel plans
Where to eat in Stockholm; I’m a sucker for food and wine and the full blown restaurant experience. I always go to the same places when I visit Stockholm, maybe some find that funny but I prefer safe bets where I know I will be happy when the night is over.
  • Amazing seafood and Swedish classics for lunch or dinner: Sturehof
  • Just outside the city rush, at Djurgården 5-10 min by car from Stureplan, Amazing Swedish cuisine & Location: Villagodthem 
  • My favorite French brasserie in dark rooms with red interiors: Teater Grillen 
  • Lively fancy after work place: Riche (and the sister restaurant of Teater Grillen)
  • My favourite “to go to any-day restaurants”: Nybrogatan 38 
  • Café: Sturekatten - the oldest bakery in Sthlm
  • Great for easy lunch… a big hall of food. Saluhallen
  • Beautiful terrace on top of opera: Guldterassen
And the rest, shopping and party?
I don’t do that too much, but if I really need to I go to Sture gallerian with my favourite shoe shop CC Skor ...
and the party part; nja, I prefer the mini-bar in my hotel room ;-) Hugs and have a lovely day!
travel plans