Hi guys, I'm just quickly checking in to say hello! I've had a long long day of photo shooting with Jennifer all day long. Modelling is exhausting and I've been lying on the sofa for 10 minutes trying to drink a coffee! I'm going into Zurich now to meet up a friend of mine for an event at a watch store and later on heading for dinner with other friends from Mexico. Phew.... and tomorrow I'm flying to Venice. Yey! Lots' of traveling and a hefty program here, but I love every second of it! Hugs!!!


Good morning, finally a day of sunshine here and no rain! That means high heels! I have so much been looking forward to wear high heels the whole winter and now it’s time to get them out. I love that about Switzerland, here you can be much more feminine than in Scandinavia and wear high heels and dresses on a normal day, and femininity is somehow more appreciated here. Now, Guess what I’m doing today? I’m going to do a Microblading at the Lash Bar in Zurich! I’m so excited and I cant wait to see the ladies as the Lash Bar, the best in town! I have forever, since I started to use makeup, painted my eyebrows as they are very light ( as well as my eyelashes ). Strange for a brunette but I believe I got my fathers dark hair and my mom’s blond features.

I'm going to the Lash Bar this afternoon to do a Microblading

sofia cm

So, “what is microblading?” and what does “microblading mean”? 

Microblading is a form of tattooing. Unlike a regular tattoo, microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine, it’s basically explained as drawing hair-like strokes with the tool to mimic natural hairs in your brows. I’m pretty sure it will hurt and be swollen but the good thing is that I’m going on holidays tomorrow and don’t need to meet anyone else than my partner and my mother for the first 24 hours. Follow me on my Instatsories to see the how it's going and wish me good luck!

sofia cm

High heels on to celebrate femininity! 

sofia cm
sofia cm

OH MY! What a morning! Me and Jennifer had schedule a photoshoot this morning to capture a couple colourful summer outfits. BUT, we woke up to a snowstorm ( hey,… We are in April ) so at 07.00 I texted Jen and sent a picture of a snow covered car. We both agreed shooting summer looks today wouldn’t work. So instead I had a cup of tea and made myself ready for the office. As I had a bit of extra time I turned on my own camera and captured my daily makeup routine. This is how a very normal morning starts for me;

Starting point, without makeup 

07.00 Alarm rings…. I don’t like to snooze, but my "better half" do so we snooze and while he sleeps I go through the day in my head and think what about my outfit.
07.15 I jump out of the bed (sometimes rolling…) heating up water for my green tea, washing my face with hot water (I always shower in the evening and not in the morning..). I put on serum, sunscreen and facial cream and let it dry up while I make the bed and pick my clothes.
07.30 I pick up my tea and make the bed, (yup every morning..) and take out my clothes from the wardrobe and hang them onto the closet door so they are ready. I don’t like to wear my clothes while doing my makeup as they always get dirty from makeup foundation etc.
07.40 I do my makeup and drinking my tea at the same time. Lastly I put on my clothes
07:55 I walk out the door. Voila, effective 45 minutes.
So what is my daily makeup routine like? It includes the following:
Primer, I change it all the time but right now I use an illuminating primer from Cover FX.
Foundation, I have forever used mineral powder from Bare Minerals in the colour Medium Beige
Concealer, I’m addicted to the Tinted Eye Brightener from Bobby Brown, colour Porcelain
Shadow, to create some shape in the face I use the contouring kit from Anastasia, the Fair palette

I can't be without my eye tint, lipgloss and mineral foundation 

Eye lashes, I have lash extensions and don’t use mascara at all
Eye shadow, I use a very daily palette from Bobby brown with beige, fog and smoke colours
Eyebrows, I use a dry pencil from Loreal to create the shape of the brown and thereafter an eyebrow gel in colour Brown also from Loreal.
Oh this differ…. But I mostly use coloured lipgloss from cheap brands as I constantly loose them.
That’s it on a normal day…. And on weekends I wear absolutely no makeup and even very little when we go out. I like to differentiate between the weekdays and the weekend to make my brain understand it should relax. I’m very happy to be inside and going to make myself some hot tea and cuddle up in front of my Macbook, I prefer to make it cozy rather than fighting the weather. It totally feels like a day in December with snow falling and white rooftops. Have a fantastic Friday.

Hi Darlings! I hope you are enjoying your Friday so far?

I received some questions to my last post about skin-care, which products I use and I must say I am a huge fan of Dermalogica. (this is not a sponsored post or anything...) They are just simply great and makes my skin flawless. I needed to get a few new products and usually I would go to Globus in Zurich to purchase as I find it nice but currently I am simply too busy to have time to pass by.

sofia cm

Now, online shopping is really not optimal in Switzerland and very few boutiques exists online and the ones existing are so poorly done that they doesn't invite to shop and I don't feel tempted to make any purchases. But I thought I give it an honest try today and started to google "Dermalogica Online" and yep, I found Dermalogica own existing webshop. Great! It is not very nicely done, but it works so to say. So for you who's dying to see what I use for my face - here we go - !

My order...

I have a normal to dry skin and for that I use Skin Smoothing Cream mixed with sunscreen and Eye Complex cream during the day. At night I use Intensive moisture balance cream. I also purchased the Skin Perfect set that I wanted to try that holds night repair drops and sunscreen formula.

Hope that gave some answers to your questions. BIG HUG! 

Good morning friends! How are you today? Did you sleep well? I slept all night which for me is rare, normally I wake up at least one time. I need to share something funny! Last night when I made dinner I needed to reach up to get some spices and we have the cabinet so high up I almost need to jump up. So what happens; the garlic power falls inside the cabinet and as it was open it starts to sprinkle all over me and in my hair! I started to scream “help me help me” as I couldn’t reach up and luckily I have a very tall partner who saved me! :) Oh gosh! I promise you that I could find garlic powder in each corner of our kitchen and myself afterwards. So if I smell garlic today now you know why!
What I really wanted to tell you about was my winter skin routines. I guess I am not the only one struggling with dry skin, cracked lips and hair that’s electrified! So what do I do “stay healthy in the winter” and what are my “simple routines for being healthy”… I thought I tell you in a “daily life” kind of way, as I believe if you want to improve something you better include it in your daily routines.
I drink lots of water! The first thing I do in the morning is turning on hot water with ginger (I have dropped the lemon water as my dentist warned me for emalj damage!) I let the ginger stay in the water over night and boil it in the morning. This flushes your body and fills up with new water (as we do sweat a lot during our sleep even if we don’t notice). Through out the day, i drink 2-3 liters of water.
I use only mild and caring facial products: I wash my face with very mild products; In the morning I use only water to wash my face and afterwards I use a light natural serum and a facial cream without oil (oil dries out my skin). In the evening I wash with a soft cleansing milk, afterwards a milky facial water to remove all the rests of the makeup. Then night serum, eye cream and the same facial cream as during the day. I exfoliate my skin and use facial masks once a week, I do this in the evening and let the mask stay over night. And believe it or not; I do see the difference the day after.
Nails and hair; I get my nails done at the saloon in the winter, as it both protects them and I don't need to worry about them braking all the time. I use a hair mask in the my ends each time I shower and let it stay there. Some say this is wrong but it works for me and I wont look like a electro shocked cat each time I take of a sweater.
But they key is really what you put inside your body, and what you do to activate it. In the winter we have two things that might effect our skin, hair and how we feel: Sports and Vitamins.
In the winter we move less that effects our blood flow. Blood flow is necessary to transport our cells, reduce toxins and creates new cells. It is kind of the highway inside the body. When we move less and have our heart pumping less we transport less blood around in our bodies. This of course effect how we look and feel. So I try to move and workout as much as I can. The second is the lack of sunlight, that gives us all the vitamins. To compensate for this I make fruit juices for me and my partner that we drink on a weekly basis.
Do you have any tips and trick for the winter season?