Five keys to success

Good morning Monday! I'm on my way to the airport and jumpstarting this new week with a flight to Spain. I wanted to share my "five keys to success". Let's go - 

  1. High heels make us taller, and taller people are precieved as stronger, or more influential. On Mondays' a little bit extra power is needed, so high heels on.
  2. Use the morning to get things done, your email can wait until after lunch. If it's imoprtant enough, the person in need will call you.
  3. Keep in mind that a white desk makes us more efficient and a darker desk creates calmer energies. What do you need? You can always fool your eye with a different coloured desktop placemat.
  4. Keep your workplace safe and do not forget to clean off every day before leaving your office. Ornate heights create easier an overview makes it easier to get started working the following day.
  5. Write tomorrow's "to-do list" before going home so you can leave the job with it and be ready for the next morning. Do not forget to write the hardest task first!