Success Habits

Today I received a compliment on how calm I am and no matter how silly people can be around me I never loose focus. It is true, I'm very calm due to the way I think and act mentioned as "my success habits". Let me share them below...


1. Mindset. I always have a positive mindset. A friend to me said the other day that he has never heard me expressing me or thinking that something would be difficult. It's probably my most important habit. One is not born with that mindset, it's something you develop. Either as a survival instinct and / or a way to trick oneself to progress. For me it came from the firstly mentioned, having a difficult childhood. I would not have survived without staying positive. I'm careful to take in others' negativity and always avoid situations or people who are negatively charged. My own energy is too precious to waste.

2. Solution-oriented. Whenever a problem comes up, I have a well-established habit to never get stuck for a long time without directly create scenarios with different solutions and then act. And if it does not work as I thought, I'll shake it off and think I'll take revanch next time.

3. Act. Being a doer is probably my greatest asset. All that is done is done directly and I set deadlines for myself. If I realize that I have to email a person during an important lunch, I apologize and email immediately. There is no "later" on my agenda.


Time to sleep, good night <3