I stumbled over this gorgeously decorated flat. It’s for sale in Gothenburg, Sweden, but if I were to buy the apartment I would request it as it is, with the furniture and the deco which is the main attraction. This is what the sales ad says; 

Sky, brick walls and red plate roofs! That's what you see outside the windows on Nordhemsgatan 72. Extremely spacious two in one of Linnéstad's most cozy neighborhoods. Glass-stained mirror doors, light wood floors, high footboards, stucco, tiled stove. Large kitchen cabinet, giant balcony in the southwest.

Are you in love now? 

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Today is a typical rainy autumn day here and a perfect day to make a to-do list for our upcoming trip to New York (in mid October). I adore New York, and try to visit every year. My fiancee is working from his New York office a couple of times a year and I’m lucky to be able to follow him. 

Sofia CM Interior, home decoration, Fashion Blog Zurich Switzerland

On my agenda for New York stands the following: Lunch with friends (by now I have two close girlfriends living here), visiting my sister (who also lives here!), bridal dress appointments (just booked one at BHLDN showroom) and morning walks in Central park. I love to feel like a New Yorker on my trips over there and my favourite days in NYC is when I bring my laptop to one of the cafes in East Village, working, sipping coffee and watching people passing by. Enjoy your day <3 

Sofia CM Interior, home decoration, Fashion Blog Zurich Switzerland

We just booked flight tickets to Florence for Saturday. We need to go to Italy and check out some wedding venues. Iiiihhh…. We want to have our wedding in the spring and hence, the only really warm place close to us is southern Italy and Tuscany (as we are not doing any traditional church wedding, non of us are members of the church). So, we are spending one night in Florence and one night in the area of Siena. 

Here are my favourite hotels in Florence. Hugs! 

  1. Villa Cora  
  2. Villa Le Piazzole  
  3. Palazzo di Camugliano
  4. Belmond Villa San Michele

I have this favourite place I go to sometimes, it has a beautiful garden and an old stable that has this incredible colour of the wall, old wood. And you can see the whole lake of Zurich from here. I like to just sit here and think, and yesterday afternoon I went here. Mainly to reflect over something I've just entered; my thirties.

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I thought more about career than family life; I have so much fun to look forward to and I’m creating it all myself, step by step. But I’m careful to share too much as i’m sensitive to negative comments or others telling me what to do. It will be time for sharing later on this year. In the meantime you can check out My Luxury Linen and the blog I write there. 

I’m starting of my week by working on putting my dreams to reality. What are you doing today? 


Happy Birthday to myself! Today I’m turning 30 years old. I had a lovely morning with fresh croissant for breakfast and presents <3 This birthday is special. Turning thirty means measuring your life; this age comes with some kind of inbuilt judge screening your life and what you have managed to do during these past thirty years. I’m thinking of parameters like; married? Children? Job and career success?Living in a house? etc…. You should score as many “yes” on that list as possible.

Sofia CM interior and home decoration Zurich Switzerland

I must say I’m quite happy with my score, although not marries (yet) nor children I feel well on the other parameters and the famous life-bucket-list having done more things, travels and adventures than I expected myself to do during a whole lifetime. The rest is yet to come. Now I need to rush and get ready as we are going to a wedding this afternoon, hugs!!