Skiing Outfit
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Good morning from the Austrian alps, St Anton and the  Raffl’s Hotel. First day of skiing and I can tell you it’s a snowstorm! I woke up and looked out the window and saw nothing. Phew! After a long bath, a lovely breakfast with Omelettes, freshly pressed juice and yoghurt I decided I’ll ski anyway. Little bit of snow never hurts! A stylish Friday! 

Affordable Scented Candles

After I wake up around seven I have a couple of rituals I stick to; putting on my bathrobe, making myself green tea, turning on the radio and lightning a candle. This season between January and March is somewhat the season “in between”(still dark and cold) where I turn to scented candles. I have a wide range at home, mostly presents as that seemed to be the “it gift” of 2017. I have just burned down my candle from Le Labo with a scent worth investing in. However, the scent was so strong it was enough to burn it only a few times a week to not have the whole house smelling like a spa.

sofia cm interior decoration scandinavian interior blog switzerland zurich

January is a time with less assets to spend on scented candles, especially candles like Le Labo; 1.2 kg candle for $ 300 (phew, good it was a gift!)) and therefore I turn to my lifesaver IKEA. They have a new candle with a scent I’ve been longing for; Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Vanilla. It’s smells like a cake and have a perfect amount of scent (meaning not too much) and burns slowly and even. And it costs 3 Euro. 

Some say buying a cheaper lookalike candle for a tenner is a false economy – and they might be right where the fragrance levels tend to sit at around 1-2 per cent, whereas premium brands are 10-15 per cent, with those oils often sourced from the world’s top perfumers in Grasse, France. But I think it’s excellent to combine expensive and cheap(er); like my style where I love combining Chanel with H&M. 

Swedish Interior Details
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The weekend passed in a blink of an eye, and I mostly stayed inn reading books and watched series. Another thing I did was searching for Swedish classics; with that I refer to Swedish classical furniture and designs. I want to make a little collection here on the blog with my favourite pieces. A good start into the topic is the stunning Swedish home below and I’ve listed some of the details you can see - at the end of the post. 


Around the corner from Mariatorget in Stockholm is this beautiful 19th-century apartment. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, four fireplaces and a balcony facing south. The apartment was built in 1898 and full of well-preserved details like wall panels, ceiling tiles and mirror-doors. I can just imagine how I would decorate it myself, but I leave that for your own imagination. 

Interior details spotted 

Myran Chair Fritz Hansen, Coffee table Per Öberg, Kivi Candle iittala, Kin Candles Skultuna, Random light Moooi. 

Time for Champagne

I always think it’s so wonderful to wake up to Friday, my favourite day of the week, when you have the whole weekend in front of you! My week has been intensive with traveling and especially wedding planning! Friday is also the day of Champagne (or Prosecco that I actually like better ...); There’s hardly anything better than opening a bottle of bubble on Friday night with my fiancée, snacking on  some cheese and nuts and summarising the week gone.

In my shelf I have two types of Champagne glass; a set of vintage glasses from 1920, purchased the flea market in Zurich and modern set of glasses from West Wing’s basic collection. Right now, I like my classic Westwing glasses best, they feel so elegant and light (on the picture). To mark the occasion of Friday, I’ve put together my favourite Champagne gadgets below! You can click on the pictures to go to the item. 

InteriorSofia Hellstrom
Blush Pink Palette for Spring 2018

Good good evening! Being totally inspired over here I can tell that Blush Pink Interiors (for spring 18) is totally in the vibe! Also known as Rose Quartz, it was the official color of 2016. Personally, I tend to think that pink is for little girls, but I've been proven that blush pink interiors can be totally perfect. Blush Pink is perfect to match with the following colours.

Especially when paired with brass or copper accessories this color creates a soft, warm interior. This pink works great against bare brick walls, in an industrial, lofty kind of way. But also mixed with soft greys or as an accent color in an all-white interior, Scandi style, it’s just cool. Hopefully these pics can convince you too that blush pink is just great for spring.

InspirationSofia Hellstrom