Postcard from Marbella

Hi lovelies, I’m back home and it feels good. If you’re thinking about visiting Malaga, Marbella and / or Puerto Banus I'll give you my fav spots below. I've been spending time here for both holidays and work over many years so I've learned where to find the best chocolate cakes as well as sun beds. Enjoy my "blogger guide to Marbella".

Sofia CM interior blogger - Blogger Guide to Marbella

House or hotel in Marbella: I like to stay at: if I stay in a villa I like the area of Behavis; El Madronal. If I stay at hotel I always stay at Los Monteros. Insider tips - ask for a room starting with 700 something, they have the best view. 

Food in Marbella: I like Villa Tibero for the style, Shantisome for it's bio and organic food and the white chocolate cake at Los Bandidos. 

Going out in Marbella: Marbella club for good cocktails, Sinatra bar for pre drinks, Olivia Valer never disappoints but make sure to arrive only after 1 in the morning. 

Beach club in Marbella: La Cabana has everything I need including best food, views, beach, pool and service, but if you're not a guest at the hotel (Los Monteros) or / and in for a beach party I'd suggest Nikki Beach. 

Sofia CM interior blogger - Blogger Guide to Marbella
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Mary's office

Whenever I’ll be able to decorate my very own office (apart from my home office) I would take my inspiration from Crown Princess Mary’s office style. I adore the combination of wood and blush pink. I’m right now sitting in the airplane and about to fly back home to Zurich - energized by the sunshine. Enjoy these stylish images of Mary’s office. 

How to decorate the corners of your home

Make the forgotten corners of your home a living part of the decor. Here are my 4 best tips on how to give a little extra love and decorate your corners in your home, feeling a bigger room and more beautiful energies throughout the room.

sofia cm How to decorate the corners of your home

Light - By illuminating a corner, the room becomes visually bigger and you get a sense of space and good energy flow. Place a beautiful floor lamp that is consistent with other style.

Sofia CM Blog - Zurich - How to decorate the corners of your home

Furniture - By placing a piece of furniture in a corner, the place becomes part of the room and you get extra seating that is not only functional but also beautiful to the interior.

Sofia CM Blog - Zurich - How to decorate the corners of your home

Curtains - By the window, there is often a piece of wall left. By hanging the curtain on this part of the wall and not so much in front of the window you are fooling the eye that the window is bigger. It gives a sense of space, and the textiles softens an otherwise sharp corner. 

Sofia CM Blog - Zurich - How to decorate the corners of your home

Plants - There is nothing that gives such a beautiful life to an interior like a green plant ?! Placing palm or the like in a large pot in a corner makes the whole room blossom. Test yourself see you!

Sofia CM Blog - Zurich - How to decorate the corners of your home

With these different tips, I hope you have had enough inspiration to take care of your corners at home. Something that makes extremely big difference!


Good morning from Marbella. It’s a beautiful sunrise and I woke up to the birds singing outside my room. Right now I’m having a green tea and clearing some emails before I head out for a morning run on the beach. 

Five keys to success

Good morning Monday! I'm on my way to the airport and jumpstarting this new week with a flight to Spain. I wanted to share my "five keys to success". Let's go - 

  1. High heels make us taller, and taller people are precieved as stronger, or more influential. On Mondays' a little bit extra power is needed, so high heels on.
  2. Use the morning to get things done, your email can wait until after lunch. If it's imoprtant enough, the person in need will call you.
  3. Keep in mind that a white desk makes us more efficient and a darker desk creates calmer energies. What do you need? You can always fool your eye with a different coloured desktop placemat.
  4. Keep your workplace safe and do not forget to clean off every day before leaving your office. Ornate heights create easier an overview makes it easier to get started working the following day.
  5. Write tomorrow's "to-do list" before going home so you can leave the job with it and be ready for the next morning. Do not forget to write the hardest task first!