Hello Monday! I look forward to kick off this week, not only because of a long and challenging todo list, I also have a great event tonight with NextGen (a newtwork for young professionals) at the Tesla HQ and a trip to New York on Sunday morning. 

Sofia CM Interior and Fashion blog Zurich Switzerland

I need to unpack my bags from the past weekend and repack with summer clothes. New York is warm with 25 to 30 degrees and sunshine! One of the best accessories of this summer has been this Furla bag. I bought it for my friends wedding and have used it almost every week after that. 


Good morning from Mannheim. We’re visiting friends in Germany. We are staying at Kleine Rosen Garten, a Hotel that really surprised me with its beutiful interiors. I’m going to roll out of bed and get ready for brunch. Later on we’re driving through France on our way home and will try to visit Colmar and hopefully have dinner before returning home to Switzerland. 

The week

Im already on the road to Germany, but right now actually in France as it’s a faster route. We’re glibg to look at a wedding location and celebrate our friend’a birthday. Are you following me on Instagram? This is the past week’s feed. 


The week started with me writing lists and explaining my small keys to success. I redecorated my kitchen and had endless of cinnamonbuns. Yummy! I ended it with blueberries, running and pretty interiors. 


Last day of the week and I feel it, in my head and in my body. Last night was a wonderful evening at the Hallenstadion. My fiancé surprised me with tickets to Le cirque du Soleil, as he knows how much I love going to circus. I fell asleep incredibly happy, and woke up the same way! I started the day with a morning run in the sunshine and took a moment for myself at the lake to reflect over the past week, and the past year. The autumn feels to me like new year; I count twelve months with start and end in October. 

Sofia CM Interior and Fashion blog Zurich Switzerland

It’s been an eventful year. Last October we moved into our new house, I was thinking about starting my blog and found my second company. Twelve months later I’ve done all that and living in our new home. But I’m far away from my goals, and I think this image below describes exactly how I feel today. I’m proud but I still have a long way to go. Happy Friday! 

Sofia CM Interior and Fashion blog Zurich Switzerland

In a legendary property from 1899, in Linnestaden Gothenburg, I’ve found this wonderful home. 3.4 feet in ceiling height, huge stucco and mirrored doors. All shining in white... Let's call it the proparty of the week, I could move in tomorrow! What about you? 

Sofia Hellstrom