Good morning! Let me share some inspiring girlpower on this lovely Monday! One of my favourite dresses this summer has been this one from Ramy Brook. I discovered the brand when browsing the pages of ShopBop. I was looking for that perfect dress to wear to the beach lunch that can be carried over to a dinner. Yep, there it was, sleek, elegant and sexy at the same time. 

SOFIA cm interior blog outfit

Later on I discovered that Ramy herself is a very inspiring individual with a big heart and lots of willpower. Her brand was started only six years ago and today she sells worldwide. She has three children and her brand seems to boom more than ever. This is my Instagram tips and brand tips of today, mostly for her girlpower but also for making stunning clothing. Go and check out Ramy Brook. 


We just finished dinner, I made a melon salad with rucola and a carrot soup. We mostly eat vegetarian. And right now I'm sitting in my favourite corner in my living room, with my favourite playlist on, drinking a glass of red wine and eating dark chocolate from Lindt. My fiancee is watching game of thrones and we are both enjoying our precious "alone time".


I have never liked to watch TV, I have always preferred to do other things, mostly reading or just thinking. When I was younger I wouldn't admit that as I wanted to be cool like the other girls and forcefully tried to watch series and movies just to fit in. Phew, I don't need to do that any longer. For me it's crucial to have my alone time as well as a home in which I can be alone in, a room where I find peace and space for reflection. Where I can reward myself for great things I've done and imagine what I can do better. 


I recognise the times in my life when I didn't have these moments alone. These were times when I was rushing through life without taking a moment to reflect. So for me, one of my personal keys to self development is self reflection and having my "alone time" at least two times a week. Enjoy your Sunday. 


Yesterday we celebrated my financed birthday with friends over. We sat outside on the balcony all night, one of these last summer nights with lighted candles. It was wonderful. We woke up pretty early today and I'm already having my second coffee.


One of my birthday gifts to him was a day spa with two treatments at the Atlantis spa hotel in Zurich. We are shortly packing a small bag and heading there for brunch, treatments and relaxing. We have massage and facials, my fiancé is not a big fan of spa's but let's see if he likes it today :) It's perfect day for spa as the rain is pouring down! Have a lovely day <3


And then I crashed into my first cultural misunderstanding last night with my fiancee. Oh dear! It’s his birthday today and I have made great plans for him today and tomorrow including dinner, presents and spa. But there was something I missed, something really important in the German culture and traditional and something I didn’t know about. So I learned the hard way by making the two following mistakes...

Sofia Cm Interior and style blog Zurich, switzerland

Number one: In Germany (we are live in the german part of Switzerland), you always celebrate “into” a person’s birthday at midnight (known as “reinfeier”) - even mid-week. I didn’t do this, and he expected me to do it. Number two: Saying “happy birthday” to a German before the actual date can lead to angry stares and insults. For most Germans, a premature birthday wish means bad luck. And I said happy birthday before midnight... However, time to clean the balcony and make our home nice for tonight's dinner. Hopefully nicer than last night! Have a lovely Friday! 


Let's talk curtains (a regular question on the blog). We have just installed our new linen curtains and they really give the final feeling of our home being homely. So let me give you some tips on how I chose my curtains.

SOFIA cm interior blog curtains

Windows, light and height 

Analyse your windows; My windows all looks the same, originals from our villa built in the start of 1900. They have larger windowpanes and wooden frames similar to stucco. It allows only for bended curtain rails above the window (that needed to be ordered seperatly). Make yourself aware of your own windows, are they all the same? Do they allow for curtain rail or do they have wide windowpanes? Think about the length of the curtains. Our house is old and the length varies from window to window. We had our curtains tailor-made to our needs. Are all your windows at the same hight or does it vary? This may determine if you need to have your curtain custom made or if you can buy them in a shop. 

Functions of the curtain

My curtains are there to reduce the noise, the echo sound (textiles reduce noise in large rooms) and limits insight in our TV room. Think about the reason why you want curtains and if they should have a special function such as limiting the light and / or limit insight from unwelcome viewers? 

Selection of fabric

We selected a very light linen fabric that we can pull to the sides of the windows. Linen is a great fabric to add that homely feeling. It comes in thin and thick weaving. Select a fabric that suits your needs, darker tones and thicker weaving for reducing light and insight, or light and bright if you only want to add homely feeling, reducing echo and a bit of sunlight. Note that dark colours makes the room smaller.

We had our curtains made from my mom who’s a tailor by profession and interior expert. I would of course recommend anyone who’s looking for the perfect curtains to have them handmade, just be aware of the high price tag. My fiancee and I spended three evenings adding all the hooks, and climbing tables and chairs to hang the curtains. Phew, finally done!