The last hello of the work week! I have that sparkling Friday feeling inside me and I feel happy with my workweek. I managed to do everything on my todo list and even a little bit more. Sometimes I find it difficult to be creative when you’re taken over by the “todo list”, that sometimes feels endless. The routine I have right now splits the day in 3 “work-shift”.  My first work-shift is 1 hour in the morning only for blogging and emails, in that order. My second work-shift goes until lunch where I do creative work and mainly thinking and visualising (if I get the time)… Here I need a lot of energy and work with a fresh mind. My last and third work-shift is after lunch, and also the longest one. Here I dedicate my time (5-6 hours) to my “to-do list” as these are tasks that mostly needs to be “done and executed” and requires less of my creative side of the brain; the admin and coordination of tasks. I think it is important to recognise and know your levels of energy through out the day and match that with the tasks you need to get done.

Friday Feeling
Now, I’m just about to go home after a very productive Friday and change to something more casual, sneakers and jeans and go down to meet our friends at the lake. Tonight we are having the first BBQ of the year down at the lake. I love these evenings with the guys firing up the bbq and the girts drinking wine :)

Finally Friday! The weather app in my iphone says 22 degrees today but it was certainly not the case when i walked out of my house this morning. I still have my thin leather gloves on and my favourite cashmere coat. I love to mix grey, beige and taupe and having my leather pants on and a white top. I bought a pair of open boots in Stockholm on my latest trip and I brought them to the office today to “walk them in”. I will show you a snap on my instastories later on. The woman at Footlight told me “I’m not sure why we sell these shoes here, as no one will ever be able to wear them in Sweden”, I said to her “well then, you just found your perfect customer, a Swede living abroad” and then I bought them. :)

So a little summary of the week:
Best food eaten? Taco…. Oh I love taco. Very simple but so so good I even had it two times in row.
Biggest challenge? To tackle hay-fever…. Oh this season is so lovely but so exhausting
Purchased anything? Yep, two ABBA costumes on Ebay for me and my man for a ABBA theme party in June. We will look ridiculous!
Success of the week? I had a reader-record on the blog. Unexpected, so thank you everyone who’s checking in, most you lovely individuals are from firstly. Sweden, secondly Switzerland and third Germany.
Best meeting? With Elea, the Swiss youtber. It’s absolutely great to meet other influencers in Switzerland and talk about opportunities and challenges. We are pioneers here and driving a complete market forward, it’s so cool I almost getting goosebumps. Imagine that, how many markets do you ever get a chance to develop as a women under 30th?
Let’s end it there and I wish you a fantastic and sparkling weekend.

I love mixing grey, beige and taupe

Gooooood morning! I jumped to my office today! I feel so energised and full of motivation! I picked out only beige and white clothes of my closet this morning and decided to be brave and wear a very pink lipstick (you can see it on my Instagram stories…). So to the topic of offices and currently I have two; one is my real-office and one is my home-office aka. Kitchen table. And, my home-office should at some point soon move from the kitchen table to a desk and a chair where my maps, laptop and fabric samples can stay (currently I always need to shuffle away everything in a cupboard each time we have dinner there). I've collected some inspirational images to visualise my future office, and believe it or not; I pinned down so many images that I needed to categorise them into four different posts, but let me start with the “modern home-office”.
sofiacm blog

I’d like my home-office to be personal and as vintage as possible,

I would prefer to find an old desk and repaint it.

sofiacm blog
sofiacm blog
For some reason we have a ton of chairs at home, old and new ones.
I’m planning to take one of our Vitra chairs, the most comfortable chair I know.
Some has their home-office in the bedroom. I believe working out of your bedroom
disturbs the sleep by filling the bedroom with the wrong, working energies.
My office would be in our living room and it would need to have a nice-looking
solution to store my things as this is the rooms where we eat when having guests over.
sofiacm blog

Art is a topic I like, I'm by far not an expert but I have an interest to aquire knowledge. I even took it so far that I’m a member of the club Young Art Collectors Zurich. It’s not as fancy as it sounds, but a fantastic group of people with the same interest. Art is one of my hobbies and I like to both purchase beautiful objects and paint myself. My interest might come from my grandmother who wanted to be an artist and live in Paris in the 1920s, a dream that never unfortunately came true. But she painted, oh she painted well and she taught me everything about painting the perfect eyes, the little sparkel of light in the objects and how to sketch the nose of cats. I love everything about painting and arts and I am lucky to have a family with the same interests.

A tradition we have is to buy a book about the artist when we visit an exhibition, or at least a postcard to remember it. And it has resulted in quite some books and postcards. And in all these items I wanted to have an overview of what is what, and a sort of an art lexikon. I started to google “art lexikon” and found the book I was looking for; it’s simply called the Art Book from Pahidon and has all the artists that I at least know about and many more. It is simple with an A-Z guide to 600 great artists from medieval to modern times, it has great examples of all periods, schools, visions and techniques. Each artist is represented by a full-page colour including pictures of the works and an explanatory text. And it even has a glossary of all different art-words in the back for less educated people like myself ;-)

I just really wanted to tips about this book as I find it the perfect “coffee table book” as well as serving a purpose more than just looking good. Enjoy this beautiful day! I'm going to make a coffee now and book a flight to Sweden for my moms birthday in June. Hugs!


Hi darlings, Do you remember that I've bought pots and plants last week? So this is the result of me planting these lovely daffodils. They are in the sun almost all day long so I hope they'll bloom soon. I'm making my way to the kitchen now to prepare a stuffed aubergine dish, copy my recipe here ... I wish you a lovely evening. Hugs /Sofia

I water them every day :) 

I love the exterior of our house...