Hi! Each time I visit Hunnebo I try to bring food with me, and especially Swedish fish. The thing I miss the most with living outside Sweden is certainly the food. Sweden might not be famous for its food culture but I guess it's what I'm used to. I got spoiled with good seafood early in life when I grew up on the westcoast and fish and crabs belongs to my absolutele favorites. So I brought with me smoked salmon, skagenröra (which is like a mix of Creme fresh and seafood) and candy this time. Right now we'll have a toast (fried in butter) with Skagenröra and smoked salmon on top. And later on candy ;-) What are you eating tonight? Hugs

fish sofiacm

Yummy salmon toast

Salad to add something healthy ;-)


Good morning friends! Have you slept well? Oh I slept well and my flu seems to be gone! YES! I am not going to workout today, but I wanted to dedicate a post to talk about my weekly workout routines. Ever since I was a teenager I have been working out a lot, simply because I had a hard time to concentrate, and move and especially running made me more focused. As I got used to having workout routines very early in life, it is now a natural part of my daily routines. I workout 5 times a week. I have tried everything from personal trainers and group bootcamps, but ended with what suits me the best: no gym and simple workouts at home on my yoga mat.
I have created 4 programmes for myself, covering the weekdays except Wednesday (my resting day). On top of that I have a goal to run 2 times a week. Everything on top of that is only the bonus workouts.
sofiacm.com plan your workout
A normal week looks mostly like this: (ps. I do repeat 10 times 3 times)...
Monday: walking lunges, tight squats, plank 1 min, pushups
Tuesday: squats with lifting a weight overhead, situps, the dragon (a static yoga position), dips
Wednesday: running
Thursday: leg-curl on bosu-ball, cradle, dumbbell press over head, “the ice skater” meaning you jump from one leg to the other.
Friday: Step ups, wide squats, pank sideways, deadlifts, beach press (usually with a heavy book or something).
Saturday / Sunday: running / walking
sofiacm.com plan your workout
I created this little programme myself based on my limited knowledge so this is no professional programme but it works for me. I keep this programme in my iphone inside the ibook app and open it each morning when it is time to sweat a little. Normally it takes me 15-20 minutes to do these programmes and it gives me a good start of the day.
sofiacm.com plan your workout
Have a great day and feel free to give me feedback or suggest new exercises and, do you workout and how? Hugs!

Good evening darlings, I hope you had a great start of your week and feeling the spring-vibes in the air! Awww.... I am so jealous at everyone who could be outside here in Zurich today and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. I measured 15 degrees on our balcony earlier today! Apart from lying in bed, I've been lying in front of the Macbook browsing spring interiors, summer decorations and colour palettes. Really what I love the most. I got stuck on the Swedish site called Ellos. And I must say I am impressed by Ellos having taken a huge step up from being "grandmother style" to become a trendy online shop! Yey! I adore their spring-interiors and their layout of their website or shall I say virtual showroom!? It is simply gorgeous. Grey and Light Green (or a shade of faded emerald) are two colours that I fancy right now. On top of that I am searching for the perfect lamp to hang over the dining table. So here we are, I picked my favourites interior pieces from Ellos. Click on the post to see the correct picture, I have no idea why it is like this but the picture displays half here and correct in the post.

What do you think and do you have a favourite piece? Hugs!!

ps. As I'm a total business-nerd I directly wanted to find out the history of Ellos and the ownership behind, especially with this renewal of the company. It was started in 1947 and then bought by ICA Gruppen (supermarket chain). Since 2013, Ellos Group is owned by the Sweden-based venture capital company Nordic Capital and has approx. an annual turnover of more than €200 million (wow..)..


Good morning friends, I spent my weekend in Sweden with my parents and did a little bit of everything, from business to fun; meeting at the bank, shopping, walking and dining. The highlight of weekends at home is to visit my mom's interior boutique. Here are my mobile snaps :)

Fell in love with this table and the decoration

I woke up to thi sunlight 

For those of you who are following me on Instagram know that I'm staying home with stomach flu today...There is just nothing worse. It even hurts to open my eyes and exhausting to look at anything at all, I tried to watch Kenzas youtube channel this morning without success. This blog post is probably the absolute maximum I can perform today. Anyhow, at least I wish you a great start of your week! Hugs!!


Good morning early birds! Sweden next my friends!

I am flying to Sweden today and will be picked up in Gothenburg at 10.30. The day is fun but intense starting with a meeting at my bank in the little town where I was born , Vänersborg, and then followed by some other errands throughout the day. I do not visit Sweden that often but once I do, I need to get everything done in one day and I always need to rush a little when especially banks and other institutions are closing so early in Sweden!! You might wonder why I don’t go to Stockholm and meet the bank in our capital city but no, I prefer to keep one place and one person who knows me for a long time rather than be one little fish in a big pool (referring to Stockholm). This way I can speak openly and discuss by phone and email when I am not visiting in person, it is a trustful relationship from both sides.

The day is planned to end at my parents house at the west coast in Sweden, 2 hours north of Gothenburg. My mom earlier this week asked me what I want for dinner and I said “SEAFOOD” !! I love seafood! ........ Ok, hasta la vista, I am throwing myself into an Uber now, maybe I’ll see you at the airport! Hugs!!!


Wearing pants from Zara, top from Massimo Dutti and shoes from Burberry. 


The bag is from one of my absolute favourite brands Cole Haan.


And Yes, I am Swedish and this is a Swedish passport ;-)