Last hours
I came to the conclusion that I will save the metallic dress for an upcoming birthday party and rather wear something more classic and mature. This blue dress is one of my favourites with the open back and the lace making it feel flirty.
How was your year, 2016? I truly had a good year (trust me I had some really shitty years too!) and I feel really happy at the last day of 2016.., the previous year has been a year of planning and thinking, that is probably the best way to describe it. And 2017 will be the year of executing and you will hopefully be part of it and see where I am heading. I have been thinking of personal goals and business goals and feeling very confident and envisioning myself doing it all, ok, some personal goals I can't exactly plan nor be in charge of, but what I can do is being a good partner and friend, in fact the best I can.
Now, it is time for me to set the table and put the champagne in the fridge. I wish you a wonderful evening and giving you my warmest wishes for the last ours of 2016. Let the new year begin!

If there’s one night to bust out all the sparkles and shine, it’s New Years Eve! Whether you’ve planned a big night out or you’re sticking closer to home, embrace the opportunity to dress up. So, "What to wear for New Years Eve" and what is a good "New Years Eve outfit" ?

This year we are the hosts and I want to wear something stylish yet sparkling; I am just trying out a new metallic dress from Herve Leger. What do you think? I love the color, but I haven’t really got used to the metallic garment yet, I find it a bit sticky and thick. And the other thing I have learned with these dresses is that I need to walk around at home wearing them in order to expand them to the true size. I buy size S and can hardly close them at the first try, but after an hour of wearing they expand and form. Just a little tip if you are thinking about getting one. I am not sure yet what to wear but this dress is certainly on top of my alternatives.

Soon Jennifer is arriving and we will take a couple of more pictures <3 I love to work with her so I certainly have a great day in front of me! Hugs!

Best swiss fashionblogs

Oh yes, I do follow many blogs, most Swedish ones in fact, but I often get questions about the Swiss blogging scene, what Swiss blogs to follow and which Swiss blogs I follow. I thought I make a little list of my most visited swiss fashion blogs. Happy reading!

“Are there any fashion blogs in Switzerland?”
“Which are the best Swiss fashion blogs?”
“And who are the most influential Swiss fashion bloggers?”

Fashion fraction – Michele
I like Micheles blog and it feels so personal and cozy yet vey stylish and cool. She feels very friendly and someone I would like to hang out with. Founded in late 2010 by Michèle (25), “The Fashion Fraction” now counts to the most known and read fashion blogs in Switzerland. With all the passion and effort she put into the blog, she quickly caught the interest of many well known brands ranging from high street to high fashion. And a true plus for having a horse at her about page!

This is the only Swiss celebrity I knew when moving to Switzerland a lifetime ago. Constantly traveling around the world with her partner in crime James, Kristina shares her passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle, each day with millions of loyal readers, opening a window to her dreamy, luxuriant and colourful world. I am not sure she feels like a blogger anymore having had a successful rollercoaster and somehow feels like the Madonna of all bloggers. I liked her blog more before when it was easier to relate to, but she defeintly desreves her place in teh spot light having sworked very hard!

Bang Bang Blond

When I used to work with a fashion brand in Geneva, I met Alison, the woman behind Bang Bang Blond. We had a fashion shoot on a very cold winter day in Geneva and invited both Alison and Thipanie (Thipanies Dairy, the swiss youtuber making swiss Vloggs) Following her own style, she has been working with a selective variety of brands since her digital beginnings in the fashion industry in 2013 and on top of that being the brand ambassador for Calvin Klein and Redken! I liked her from the start and it is wonderful to see how her blog has grown from me taking photos with my phone of her, and for her on a cold winter day. She was also the girl who taught me how to double tap on the Instagram photos to like them, instead of clicking on the heart. Friends in crime, I adore Alisons blog and her work.

Up and coming for me… 

Nives Arrigoni
This pink beauty is somehow mystical to me, I don't know much about her but I see her name in media contexts like TV and radio in Switzerland. She is super beautiful and has her absolute own character with pink blue hair and clothes that very few of us would dare to put on. Hands up for this girl!

The Fashion Boho
This beauty has a blog worth to follow. I dont know anything at all about Sarah but her page is telling me she is a style blogger and freelance writer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since 2011, she has begun to work within the fashion industry through her online blog and had the chance to collaborate with swiss television and magazines. Try it out :-)
Yep, I think she is going to make it far as I love her mix of styles. The fashion curated by Blaastyle is a mix of high and low fashion. Content is delivered through high-level photography and first-hand personal accounts. The blog is receiving increasing recognition in Switzerland and internationally. Romina has been featured in the press such as Bilan, Femina, Blick am Abend, L’illustré, Teen Vogue, Style Caster, and The New York Times. You go girl.


Hi guys! Did you have a good night's sleep? Even if the past couple of weeks has been intense with parties and family gatherings I feel somehow rested, at least I wake up before the alarm in the morning and that is a good sign for me at least! Talking about family, my parents came to visit me before the Christmas holidays and my mom brought Swedish Lussekatter, it is a sweet saffron bread with raisins! My favourites! As it was some hectic couple of days lately I didn’t have time to sit down and enjoy them before now. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Hollywood Glam

Ahh, and what arrives in my inbox? An email from Westwing with sales “Hollywood glam”. I simply couldn't resist and went directly to the site and pinned down a couple of pieces. We need a small table, a couple or more lamps and eventually a console table to keep vintage crystal bottles on (more for decoration…). Look what I found! Thank you Delia!