Good morning early birds! Sweden next my friends!

I am flying to Sweden today and will be picked up in Gothenburg at 10.30. The day is fun but intense starting with a meeting at my bank in the little town where I was born , Vänersborg, and then followed by some other errands throughout the day. I do not visit Sweden that often but once I do, I need to get everything done in one day and I always need to rush a little when especially banks and other institutions are closing so early in Sweden!! You might wonder why I don’t go to Stockholm and meet the bank in our capital city but no, I prefer to keep one place and one person who knows me for a long time rather than be one little fish in a big pool (referring to Stockholm). This way I can speak openly and discuss by phone and email when I am not visiting in person, it is a trustful relationship from both sides.

The day is planned to end at my parents house at the west coast in Sweden, 2 hours north of Gothenburg. My mom earlier this week asked me what I want for dinner and I said “SEAFOOD” !! I love seafood! ........ Ok, hasta la vista, I am throwing myself into an Uber now, maybe I’ll see you at the airport! Hugs!!!


Wearing pants from Zara, top from Massimo Dutti and shoes from Burberry. 


The bag is from one of my absolute favourite brands Cole Haan.


And Yes, I am Swedish and this is a Swedish passport 😉

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Hi guys,

Funny thing; I found some old photos Not funny thing; my phone is broken! Mehhh…..and tomorrow I am traveling. However, I went over to the Swisscom shop where a very nice guy told me I am just inside the guarantee time (phew!) and that I most probably get a new phone as the microphone is broken. But in any case he told me to make a backup and come back with the phone afterwards, meaning next week. I normally don’t look in my camera roll that often, but today I did and found some nice old photos when I plugged it in to my laptop. I made a little gallery of the best memories. As you can see there is a lot of horses in my phone 🙂 hi hi!

Quotes, me with curly hair, me at polo games in London and Switzerland and what else... yes at home in Sweden. <3

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Good morning darlings!
I hope you slept well and feel rested. Lately I didn’t have much time for reflection so when I got home yesterday afternoon, I turned on yoga music and laid down on my daybed. Someone once told me to do this everyday, lie down and let all the thoughts come to you, reflect over them for a second and let them pass. It is a way to clean your head and at least I notice things that I might haven’t thought of; for example identifying why I might be upset over something or why I reacted in a certain way in a situation. I think about how I can improve myself and how I feel just right now, (or yesterday) if my body hurts somewhere or if my muscles are tense. I do not strive to find a solution to everything, and in certain thought it’s more about accepting or letting go than grabbing it and find a solution to it. I thought I’d summarise a couple of things that passed my head yesterday.
My favourite playlist right now: Yoga girl playlist of the month (fin it here) Right now I am addicted to this list and the song Baba Hanuman with Steve Gold.
Clothes: my favourite piece(es) in my wardrobe this month is my taupe leather leggings from Zara, and my white Sneakers from Giuseppe Zanotti (they are old…like 5 years old or so…) You see these sweets in the pictures here.
Makeup: after having used the Yves saint Laurent mascara for 10 years, I changed to Max factor as I had forgot my own mascara at home when traveling. There was only a tiny shop in the airport with Max factor and I bought the one called Max Factor Glamour Extention and I am hooked. It is half the price of the Yves saint Laurent and much better. Yey!
ART zurich
Food: Totally into Mexican Mole and taco (with fajitas, chicken, home made guacamole) this month, or maybe all the time!! But this month we probably ate it 5 times already! Loving it!!
Zurich discovery: we went to the neighbourhood restaurant Oberer Munchhof. Good surprise, beautiful location, wonderful traditional swiss dishes and really tasty. Just make sure you are super hungry when you go, the plates are the size of a small table.
Travel: apart from skiing in Laax, the best is yet to come! Tomorrow I fly to Sweden and Gothenburg to see my family and eat seafood!
Travel plans: lots but what I look mostly forward to is the easter break in South of France. Ahhh…. Sunshine.
ART zurich
Scared of: being alone at night in our house, it’s the worst thing. I need to find a way to get over this. I am afraid of ghosts, yes, I am not joking.
Proud of: I am proud of someone else than myself, and that I Jennifer who’s helping with with my photos. She started as a 100% independent business owner this month. Wow!
Made me happy: many things, sunshine, hearing the spring birds returning and singing and most of all to see that my blog is growing with all wonderful readers commenting and supporting me. Thank you so much.
ART zurich

Big hug and have an absolutely wonderful day! 

ART zurich
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Good evening friends, gosh this is a late night post! i just realised it is already 22.00! ( Yes.... this is my bedtime hour). We just finished "dinner" here, meaning snacks and red wine. Normally I'm making "real dinner" each night, but today no one of us were really hungry and I feel a bit strange in my body so I just wanted something small and light.


I need to ask you girls; I was wearing very tight stockings on all day, you know the "hold in / spanx" stockings from H&M. Normally I wouldn't buy them but I grabbed the wrong ones in the shop and this morning that was the only option. And now, after wearing them for 8 hours I have so much pain in my back and stomach that I can hardly sit down. Did you ever have this when wearing these stockings? I used size S which I usually do so the size should be fine. I will need to throw them away.


Blue cheese, Pineapple cream cheese and Brie 


Yummy yummy red wine... after this I hope I will sleep heavy! 😉 


Hugs and good night. Speak tomorrow! 

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Good morning! Guess where I am sitting? In our new vintage chair! I’ve been waiting to show you this lovely piece of furniture!
A friend of mine recommended a second hand store for furniture outside Zurich, or as you say here “Brocki”, or “brockenhaus”. We went there last week and found this adorable armchair. It is originally in dark massive wood with a lining of cotton sateen or similar, a bit shiny. Lately it was  upholstered with a linen lining and painted with white paint for a more modern look. I am not an expert on furniture or style history, and chairs like these are produced new even today. Although it can be a sample from the later half of the 18th century when Neo-Baroque style was popular.
Vintage chair sofiacm.com
Vintage chair sofiacm.com
I had in mind to find a similar chair and eventually paint it myself, but with this chair the work has already been done and I only needed to clean it a little. I am a big fan of second hand shops when it comes to furniture (not with clothes… just to note!) and I admit it’s one of my hobbies to go to these stores and dream myself away to different places where the furniture came from. One of my dreams is to have a large atelier with big windows letting in sunlight, where I could renovate my own furniture. One day I will have that, but for now, this dream needs to wait a couple of years.
Vintage chair sofiacm.com

If you would be Swedish, a very simple good site for furniture history can be found here 

Vintage chair sofiacm.com

I am just finishing my morning coffee. What' are you doing today?


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