Two days ago I went to visit my talented sister who’s running an art school (Arts Letters & Numbers) upstate New York. We had a couple of intense 24 hours with art, food and catching up on life. 


The light in the old mill, where they have their many studios, was incredibly beautiful. The non profit school is located outside Albany, a pittoresk town outside NYC. 


Yesterday we met with Swedish friends at the Public Hotel’s rooftop for drinks. The view and the sunset was stunning! 


We continued to Cosme, a great Mexican Resturant in West Village, where we’ve been once before two years ago. The dessert was the best thing, a corn merengue. Now I’m a about to go out for a long morning walk in Central Park and grab breakfast on the way back. Happy Friday! 

Sofia Hellstrom

Today I've been trying wedding dresses on Upper East side in New York. I had booked my appointment since weeks... and it felt so unreal to be there, being pampered by two girls, basically dressing me from top to toe, making pictures and putting on different accessories (it felt like a scene strait out of the pretty woman movie). The dresses were stunning and I tried mostly separates (skirt and top) and Here's some snaps from the store, but the dress pictures I'll keep to myself. 


Hi from New York! I just made an instastory about "what makeup I use" and I received some sweet messages asking me to tag the products I use. So let me present the products I use, and this is no sponsored post, just a blogpost strait from the heart to you who's curious. 

sofia cm makeup

Base: Primer from Dermalogica skin perfection, Foundation from Loreal, Concealer from Sisely number 2. Anastasia contour kit colour light. End with Bare minerals powder colour beige. 

Eyes: Eyebrows - pencil from Anastasia and ending with a brown fixing gel from Loreal. Eyeshadow from Bobbi brown, a golden colour, a grey and a black colour. 

Ta taa... that's it. Feel free to ask any question. And yes, for the lips I'm always carrying millions of lipgloss in nude colours. Hugs! 


First day in the city! It started pretty brutal with us totally failing with the hotel. We thought to try something new for once, but the hotel we've booked turned out to be the a nightmare. So we immediately went on the app "hotel for tonight", booked a one night in another one and canceled what we had. Today we are moving in to our "usual home in NYC", AKA apartments. Maybe we're hotel snobs but there is nothing worse than carpets on the floor, dusty bathrooms and no view, I get claustrophobic and as my fiancé is working here and staying over 14 days its important to feel at home. A messy start... I'm sitting in front of my laptop with my running shoes on and heading out for a walk in Central park now. Have a great day! 

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Arrival NYC

Landed in New York and after a 8 hours flight, great food (I had sashimi salmon and vegetarian lasange), one movie and 4 episodes of Rivera (amazing series), two hours of sleep and a horrible long line of waiting at boarded control - we are now in the taxi on our way to midtown Manhattan where we stay. I am as tired as I look like ;)