Good morning my darlings! This is a typical weekend breakfast for us; bread from the bakery, eggs, berries, granola and plain yoghurt. 


We were having an early breakfast today as I'm actually already in the train on my way to the Swiss mountains (Flumserberg) for a hike.


Coffee is a must for me; but I always drink my coffee while preparing the breakfast and before eating. We have one of these fancy espresso machines but I never use it; it's too cumbersome so I stick to my instant powder. Have a great Sunday! Hugs!  


Saturdayyyyy..... I feel like eating this word. Loving it so much.  After coming back from my morning walk, bakery and fruit market (the normal weekend routines) I’ve been sipping on my coffee and browsing the internet for beautiful homes, my favourite hobby. I came across this beautiful home at Per Janssons home page. It’s an apartment for sale in Stockholm and I fell in love with all the many details in the kitchen. I'm going to brows a bit more before we head into town to try out a new bed. What are you doing today? 


I'm checking out, taking off my high heels and leaving every "to-do"on hold until Monday. Tonight at six o clock I’m meeting up with one of my blog readers. I’m really looking forward to meet Steffi, as she seems to be similar to myself and my gut tells me to take this chance. She emailed me and asked to meet, and why not?

Sofia CM Home and Interior Zurich

I’m going with the motto  “be open minded”. Meeting new friends in our age, or let’s say 25 and older can be tricky so every opportunity that comes along shall be taken. Have a fabulous Friday! 


Good morning Friday! This weekend I’m planning to spend some real quality time at home and leave my laptop in the office. I feel an urge to bake and cook, take care of my flowers and drink coffee with my girlfriends. 

Home Made Granola Sofia CM Blog Home and Interior Zurich

One of the things I wanted to try for a long time is to make home made granola. My mom makes an absolutely delicious one and I will try her recipe and add my favourite ingredients to it. I’m a true lover of dried fruits, especially raisins and mango. Here is my recipe and if you have any tips you wish to share then please leave your comment. Hugs and speak later! 

Home Made Granola Sofia CM Blog Home and Interior Zurich

Bowl 1: 4 dl oatmeal, 1 dl grated coconut, 1/2 dl whole flaxseed, 1 dl natural nuts; I love pecan nuts and cashew nuts the best

Bowl 2: and 1 dl apple juice, 1/2 dl honey, 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, 1 tablespoon sunflower oil, A dash of Sea-salt

Add these ingredients at last: 1 dl dried mango, 1 dl russin, 1/2 dl pumpkin kernels

How to: Preheat the over 175. Prepare two different bowls: Bowl 1: Mix oatmeal, flax seeds, coconut and nuts. Bowl 2: Stir apple juice, honey, oil, vanilla, salt and cinnamon. Mix the two bowls; drizzle over the oatmeal mixture into bowl 2 and mix well. Spread it onto a baking pan. Cook in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Take out the pan and stir halfway through (10 min). In again another 10 minutes. Remove, let cool and stir down dried fruits and the pumpkin seeds. 

Et voila! 


Right now I'm sitting, or rather half lying on my balcony with a cold glass of white wine, overlooking the lake with all its pretty boats in the golden evening light. It's me-time, time for myself with a glass of wine and some good music. And I'm enjoying it to the fullest. 

sofia cm me time
sofia cm me time

I was supposed to meet a new friend at Seerose tonight but she had a car accident, (luckily she's fine!) so we postponed til tomorrow and therefore I had some "unplanned time" to do anything I wanted. So I putted on a long goddess like dress and decided to treat myself like a goddess too. 

sofia cm me time
sofia cm me time

Beyoncé on repeat, texting with my best friend in Norway, sipping my wine, checking how's my parents are doing in France and hanging on Pinterest pinning down inspo. I love my me-time, it's so precious. 

sofia cm me time